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Infrared Sauna

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Function for Smartmak sauna:

1. To reduce the pressure of work and life.
2. Beauty expansion pore cleansing the skin, keeping young state.
3. Strengthening perspiration function, remove the body of harmful elements.
4. treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, for some diseases have a certain effect.
5. eliminate fatigue, boost morale, promote blood circulation and metabolism.


The use of far infrared can be seen everywhere, and it also plays an important role in medical treatment. Far infrared sweat room is a kind of nanotechnology, its role mainly has the following aspects:

First, it can speed up the body's metabolism.

Second, promote the blood circulation of the human body, dredge the vein.

Third, especially for women, it has a beautifying effect, and it can also anti-aging and lighten the skin tone.

Fourth, it can help the body eliminate toxins in the body.

Fifth, enhance the immunity of the human body, has the role of strengthening the body.

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