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New Products -- Panoramic View Outdoor Steam Barrel Sauna

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The panoramic view outdoor barrel sauna is a traditional steam barrel sauna.
The barrel design is practical, sturdy, stylish, and allows for maximum heat circulation. In a barrel-shaped sauna, the heat gets circulated back down along the curved walls instead of pooling near the top, this creates a constant flow of evenly distributed heat throughout the sauna.

The Pinnacle is constructed using rustic cedar, rustic fir, or clear cedar. The lumber is thick and insulating, making it the perfect sauna for outdoor (or indoor) use.

Natural light makes this special sauna feel more spacious, giving customers the ultimate sauna experience with fantastic views.


The panoramic barrel sauna is the ideal outdoor sauna. No foundation required! Simply place the support on some pavers, blocks, decks or concrete pads. There are fewer areas that need to be heated, and they can be completely heated in 45 minutes. The circular design results in a more even distribution of heat within the sauna. Customers will most likely not experience a noticeable effect on your utility bill with any regular use of your barrel sauna.


Panoramic Barrel saunas have 1-1/2" thick walls for natural insulation and the barrel design gives customers a much smaller heating area than a rectangular sauna, with plenty of room for bathers. A healthy and enjoyable space that generations will enjoy.

If you've ever tried a sauna, you'll know how relaxing and therapeutic it can be, with some great physical and mental health benefits. Well, thanks to outdoor panoramic barrel saunas, customers can relive that experience in customers’ back garden. Outdoor panoramic barrel saunas are a great way of adding a touch of uniqueness to customers’ back garden design.

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