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Steam Sauna Room

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Steam Sauna

Wet steaming: Steam is generated through a steam device (or heated sauna furnace watering), and there is plenty of water in the generated steam. The temperature is generally controlled at about 50℃. After steaming, the skin will be rudder and more hydrated than before


Steam sauna room benefits:

● Eliminate body toxins, reduce the burden on the body, improve the whole body blood circulation, especially microcirculation, promote the body's vigorous metabolism, activate declining cells.

● Relieve muscle pain, promote rehabilitation after sports injury, bidirectional regulation of nervous and endocrine system functional balance. ● Enhance immunity, improve the body's immune function, enhance their own disease resistance.

● Exercise the heart, maintain the balance of body functions, bidirectional regulation of water and salt metabolism and electrolyte balance.

● Accelerate blood circulation, promote tissue cell regeneration and absorption of fluid, accelerate healing, anti-inflammatory, analgesic and detumescence.

● With beauty and body efficacy,

Low temperature detoxification: Low temperature sweating is the most effective detoxification method → activated skin tissue cells make enzymes, amino acids, nucleic acids and other life substances activity → melanin particle metabolism and phagocytosis capacity of white blood cells → skin cell regeneration and water retention capacity → melanin body formation → removal → skin rejuvenation

● Adjust mood, help relieve stress, unique biological effects: eliminate free radicals in the body; Stable human ecological balance; Adjust the imbalance of flora in the body; Inhibit the growth of cancer cells.


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