When massage chairs become a must-have household product for families, because of the high-tech attributes of the industry and products, many people do not know what kind of massage chairs are better. Regarding the question of how to choose a massage chair, I have compiled a massage chair purchase guide Share with everyone.

There are three major techniques for purchasing a massage chair: look at the appearance, configuration, and new intelligent technology. By grasping these three massage chair purchasing skills, you can choose your favorite massage chair.

Whether it looks good or not must be the first element for everyone to choose a massage chair. After all, a large piece of furniture such as a massage chair is an obvious object at home. Everyone's definition of good-looking is different, but some massage chairs are fashionable and some retro massage chairs are suitable for different people. It is recommended to see which massage chair is suitable for your own decoration style.

The basic configuration of the massage chair is the movement, the guide rail and the airbag. Let me explain in detail how these three configurations should be considered.

First of all, the movement has 1D, 2D, 3D and 4D. Now the high-end massage chairs on the market basically use 3D movement, which can massage up and down, back and forth, and left and right. As for the 3D movement, there are also different styles, some of which are heavy and make people feel panicky, and some are soft and comfortable. You need to choose the movement that is more suitable for the sense of force depending on the individual's degree of effort.

In terms of guide rails, massage chairs equipped with SL guide rails should be preferred. SL guide rails are a combination of S guide rails and L guide rails, which increases the massage range and fits the curve of the back of the human body. The length of the guide rail determines the degree of adaptation to the height. Be sure to choose a suitable length to suit the height of yourself and your family.

The size and number of airbags together determine the comfort of the massage. The better the massage chair, the more airbags it has, the more reasonable it will be. For the massage airbags in some weak parts, it will be equipped with a hot compress function to achieve a soothing effect.

The two most important aspects of the intelligent technology of massage chairs are body shape detection and soreness detection. In terms of body shape detection, the technical standards of each brand are different, and the standard for judging excellent technology is "faster and more accurate". And soreness detection is a function that only ultra-high-end massage chairs can configure, and most massage chairs of 10,000 yuan do not have this function.
August 08, 2022 — chenyouzhao