Many people have this question when purchasing a massage chair: Is the 4D movement necessarily better than the 3D movement?

The 4D movement mainly depends on what functions are added. The 4D movement is more accurate in massage than the 3D movement. At present, the more popular 4 movement on the market, on the basis of the 3D movement, increases the position of the massage wheel. With the function of hot compress legal person, also known as 4D thermal massage movement, this mainly depends on personal experience.

3D and 4D refer to the massage range of the massage chair manipulator. The stretchable distance of 3D is about 5~250px, and the stretchable distance of 4D is about 12~350px, which can fit the human body more deeply, especially the neck and waist. Therefore, in terms of massage experience, 4D is more comfortable.

3D massage refers to the diversification of the operation direction of the massage chair manipulator, including multiple directions and angles of up, down, left, right, front and back, making the massage experience more flexible and realistic.

4D massage is a metaphor for technological innovation and breakthrough. It breaks through the micro-in-depth massage of 3D massage. According to the human body curvature design, the 300px massage is pushed out in depth. Shoulder, to a greater extent to meet the massage of the neck and shoulders.
September 16, 2022 — chenyouzhao