The advantage of a massage chair is that it can eliminate fatigue, relieve stress, relax our body, and improve sleep quality, which has a certain therapeutic effect on insomnia. The disadvantage of massage chairs is that long-term use will cause harm to muscle tissue, and for people with osteoporosis, it may also cause fractures.

Massage can bring people the pleasure of enjoyment. While enjoying, it can also relax the body and mind, eliminate fatigue, relieve stress, recharge the tired body, and relax both the body and the stress.

Frequent massage in a massage chair will reduce the elasticity of the human body's muscles. Due to long-term passive massage, the muscles cannot be effectively stimulated by active contraction, which often makes the muscle fibers thinner, the overall strength of the muscles is weakened, and there is even a risk of muscle atrophy.

Whether it is an electric massage chair or manual service massage, it belongs to the general attack fitness exercise, which is a careless health care method. Authoritative experts suggest that it is better for the elderly to get rid of the outdoors, and the human body is more beneficial.

Even for young people, it is best to use a massage chair occasionally, and it is not suitable for long-term massage. Too much force can also lead to muscle tissue damage and fat conversion if used regularly.
August 11, 2022 — chenyouzhao