In this era, almost all electrical appliances can be related to intelligence. Voice control and automatic recognition are all to save complicated operations or improve comfort. Massage chairs are no exception. The intelligent functions realized on massage chairs are generally Mainly reflected in the body shape detection and massage procedures.

Body type detection

The difference between people is not just personality and appearance, but the height, width and even the curvature of the body are also very different. As a standardized production equipment, how to adjust the massage program according to different human characteristics? It depends on the body shape detection technology, and the body shape detection is closely related to the accuracy and comfort of massage, two indicators to measure the standard of massage chairs.

Two-dimensional detection and positioning

The height and the back curve constitute the two dimensions of the two-dimensional detection and positioning. The height uses the shoulder pressure and the back point to collect data to determine the user's height; the back curve uses tactile detection and guide rails. Collecting the curvature of the back makes the massage chair fit the human body more, and the massage is more precise and comfortable.

Hall optocoupler detection

The body sampling technology that combines Hall technology and optocoupler technology is different from two-dimensional detection. Both Hall and optocoupler technology are equipped with a large number of sensors. Through the work of the sensors, the detailed body data of the user is received. The sensor detection must be It is better than pressure-sensing detection, so Hall optocoupler detection technology has better positioning and intelligence than dual-dimensional detection.

Micro current detection

The micro-current detection technology is relatively high-end. Through the micro-current through the whole chair, 3D comprehensive sampling of human body data is carried out to determine the acupoints and curve positions. The disadvantage of the micro-current technology is that the detection time is long and the price is relatively expensive.

Body shape detection is mainly divided into three categories on massage chairs. It can be understood in this way. Two-dimensional detection is detected by the rough outline. Hall optocoupler technology determines the approximate position through dense sensors. Micro-current technology is like pouring a pool of water on the ground. , it can be detected wherever it flows.
August 15, 2022 — chenyouzhao