The Difference Between 2D, 3D & 4D Massage

This is one of the most commonly asked questions when customers are contemplating the purchase of a massage chair. It is often confusing for the customer as they navigate websites, posts and paraphernalia trying to work out what chair does what and why? Quite simply we are going to break it down into easy to understand language so that as a customer you can view our range knowing that you are armed with a sound knowledge base which translates into another happy customer.

Let’s start from the beginning. Whether is be a 2D,3D or 4D we are referring to the motions of the rollers in your massage chair. When massage chairs were first introduced, they came with 2D massage technology, in other words they treat the body as a 2 dimensional flat plane, x & Y, and move up/down and left and right. With the push of a button your neck through to your glutes were massaged as if they were a flat surface. Now this was ok in the beginning because the technology wasn’t around at this point for customers to compare it to anything else. 

Move forward in time and the 3D massage concept was created. The 3D massage was a breakthrough for massage chair retailers as they were now  able to sell a massage chair that provided a “Human like Massage”. 3D not only moves up/down and Left to right but also moves in and out in varying depths, referred to as intensity. The rollers can now be adjusted forward for increased intensity and backwards for decreased intensity. Customers were now able to adjust the intensity of their massage to accommodate their needs. The depth of the massage (the level of muscle penetration) can now be increased to as much as 13cm. 

Then along comes the 4D massage which was a revolutionary concept as now now customers could also increase the speed at which the rollers delivered the massage. With 4D massage the customer has a lot more control over the massage being delivered and can effectively customise aspects to suit their individual needs. Whilst one chair user may prefer a very deep, intense and fast paced massage, the next user may prefer a slow and gentle relaxing massage. The customisation allows each user to receive a completely different massage all in the one chair. 

June 21, 2022 — chenyouzhao