4D Zero Gravity Massage Chairs RT-8800



Top 10 Wholesale Best 4D Zero Gravity Massage Chairs with Heated Rollers, L-Track Design, Touch Screen Remote

1. 4D massage mechanism.
2. Dual-core system offers sync massage for shoulder, neck, back and waist.
3. Innovative expansive guide track.
4. Armest quick launch control+pad APP Control.
5. Smart voice control w or w/o internet connectivity.
6. Graphene ultrafast heat up technology.
7. Three spiky rollers for under foot acupoint massage.
8. Balanced, thorogh, and rhythmic massage sessions.
9. Rollers massage speed adjustable.
10. Automatic extendable legrest.
11. Rolling massage for soles.
12. Bluetooth and APP.

Rated Voltage



Morningstar or OEM

Rated Power



Blue, White, Grey, Pink, Champagne

Upright Dimensions


Reclined Dimensions




Innovative Flexible rail track

4D Deep fascial massage mechanism

Body Scan Technology provides users with the most accurate, precise massage that’s personalized for your specific body size and shape. Body scans work by utilizing sensors and state of the art technology to register the size, shape, and curves of each user.
This allows the chair to customize the massage to your needs and ensures the rollers are hitting all the correct points.

Three rollers under foot+wraparound soothing airbag massage

Tiitoe:The reflex zone at the foot is considered encompassing vital nerve as our head.Heel:The heel reflex zone connects with the genital system,regular massage here can helps to secrete hormones and improve sleep.

Graphene Heat

New Graphene Technique Enhances Thermal properties back,waist and leg heat function Boost the massage benefits and whip up blood circulation Heat constant between 45-50℃

Surrounding stereo speaker

Reproduce dramatic rises and falls of the sounds,providing unique experience of excellent melody.Stream your tunes right from your iPhone iPad or android blue-tooth enabled smart phone or music player devices.

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